What is Ocala Comic Con?

Ocala Comic Con is a multi-genre pop culture event taking place in Ocala, FL. The promoters goal with Ocala Comic Con is to bring something fun and new to the city. Every June thousands of attendee's come together to celebrate their fandoms and meet new friends! Every year we plan to bring bigger and better things to our event.

How did Ocala Comic Con start?

Ocala Comic Con started off as a fun idea by the founders, Christopher Major and Donald Gualandri. Both wanted to bring something interesting to the City of Ocala. With the success of Ocala Comic Con, the two plan to bring bigger and better events to the city.

Who should attend Ocala Comic Con?

Everyone! Ocala Comic Con is for everyone, of all ages. Ocala Comic Con brings together fans of all ages and all fan groups.