Who is Danielle? I am first and foremost a creative girl who loves video games. I've always enjoyed crafting and when I worked up the courage to explore cosplay is when I officially opened Pandora's Box. I love transforming for each costume and each photoshoot.

In the beginning, I was but a shy nerd with no outlet except World of Warcraft and rock music my dad hated. Now I'm a cosplayer, model, armor and prop builder, makeup artist, entertainer, streamer, video maker, painter, writer, and graphic designer. I wear way too many hats, have no free time, and struggle to stay awake some nights, but I wouldn't have it any other way.

Website: www.danielledenicola.com

Facebook: danielledenicolaoffical

Instagram: danielledenicola

Twitter: danielleggwp

Danielle Denicola